Board & Training Fee Schedule


For the horse owner we provide the best training and care available.  We go to all levels of hunter/jumper horse shows, from one day local shows to the national level horse shows.  We travel to shows throughout Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and New York.  Horses are turned out and groomed 6 days a week.  Blankets are put on and taken off according to weather.  Feeding plans are formulated for the individual horse, using the best hays and best grain products.  Lessons are scheduled 5 days a week and horses are ridden when owners are not available to ride or the horse needs training.  We have the best veterinary care and will medicate horses according to veterinary instructions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Fee Schedule:

Board & Training - Includes 2 lessons or rides per week (3 when not at a show), quality T/A hay, grain and pellets; adding SmartPaks or other supplements to Feed; 6 days/wk turn out and grooming, appointments with Vet and Farrier; basic clipping, and basic supplies
Extra Rides or Lesson $50.00 each
Extra Lesson - Private $75.00 each
Special Feed For horses on specialty feeds(Omolene, Senior, Ultium) $50/month
Special Care - (wrapping, bathing, medications, etc.) Per Item
Laundry - (saddle pads, leg wraps and bandages) Per Item
Wormer - (every other month) $15.00
Blanketing - (winter months) $50.00
Medications - (injections, special medications) Per Item
Body Clip - (As needed) $175.00
Tack-up or Un-tack $15.00 each or $25 for both
Shipping - Group Rate Minimum $90.00 or $0.90 per mile
Shipping - Individual Rate Minimum $120.00 or $1.35 per mile

NOTE:  Board is due the first of each month.  A $75 late fee will be applied to balances received after the 6th of the month.

For leasing inquiries, please contact Katie

Fees last updated March 2016